Thanks for stopping by. Another new blog is launched. Just what the world needs, right? And why the sub-title “Only the Echoes of My Mind”? Over the past few months as I became more and more immersed in Twitter and Social Media, the lyrics of “Everybody’s Talking” (written by Fred Neil, sung by Harry Nilsson) continued running through my mind.

Everybody’s talkin’ at me
Can’t hear a word they’re sayin’
Only the echoes of my mind
People stoppin’, starin’
I can’t see their faces
Only the shadows of their eyes

With all of the incoming information, somethings began to bother me. First, at times I felt that I stopped having my own opinions and ideas; and I just might have something to say. Second, the on-line associations bring about a false sense of familiarity – friendship – with strangers. Third, that the really meaningful relationships are those that happen In Real Life.
Initially I thought the Redundant Pundit would be a great blog/domain name; but if the reality matched the blog name, that would not be good.
Recurring Themes
What will I blog about? Many things about IT: SAP, mobile technology, Android, Apple. Social media — I am a noob in social media — however it has interesting power to create interconnected communities around common interests. I will be integrating Twitter, Google+ and other platforms as ways of building community — while exploring ways to bring more in-person, face-to-face interactions that I believe are crucial. I also have some first-hand experience with job search using social media and building one’s brand.
And one of the final themes will be doing: this blog is one of my 2012 resolutions to move ahead, stick my neck out and DO. I also registered my company domain name and will use that domain for this blog up until the time the company becomes active.
About Me
I have over 25 years experience in IT. I have been an SAP Basis Administrator and infrastructure technologist for over 10 years. Right now my current interest is enabling access to SAP systems from any devices that can be secured and supported.
I am married, have 2 daughters and a dog. We live in Texas and plan to stay here a while longer.


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